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Cost to buy a home in Minnesota

  • Click here – Ever wonder what the ACTUAL cost to purchase a home is? There are Mortgage, title, and government fees… [Read More]

Know your rights as a home buyer in Minnesota

  • Click here – If you wonder; how does buyer agency really work? How did it come about? What else?… [Read More]

Why hire a realtor in Minnesota?

  • Click here – Among the fact that a Realtor is FREE for home buyers, we must also think of the protecting our clients legal rights… [Read More]

Minnesota Foreclosures & short sales information

  • Click here – Get the answers regarding Foreclosures and Shortsales and avoid making a mistake based on media hype… [Read More]

Mortgage Information

  • Click here – Mortgages can be a daunting process and have been credited with much of the problems with the economy… [Read more]

Steps to buying a home in Minnesota

  • Click here – Here you will find an 8 step printable guide to purchasing a home. As a buyer you have legal rights and actions… [Read More]


  • Click here – Here you will find information regarding home inspections. We recommend that you do inspect when you decide to purchase, although the choice is yours…[Read More]

More Information

  • Click here – Printable forms, purchase agreements forms, inspection information, warranty info, and more, more, more… [Read More]