Here you will learn about Home Inspections for both the buyer and seller here in MN.  We recommend to all buyers to have the home inspected by a professional third party to give the buyer “peace of mind” in the decision they have made.

Seller Home Inspections: 

There are two different of inspections that a seller can provide for a potential buyer. One is a city inspection, also called a Truth in Sale Home Inspection or “TISH”. The other is a third party private inspection for the buyer at the seller’s expense. Let’s look at both options.

City Inspections

City Inspections are required in some cities in MN but not all cities. The city inspections were put into place to insure that homes meet certain standards for potential buyers moving into the area. These minimum requirements include but are not limited to electrical codes, plumbing codes, safety codes, etc. The cities that have the Truth in Housing Inspection all have their own requirements. For example, in St. Paul, all homes that are sold must have a hard wired smoke detector installed on every level.

Inspectors must be licensed for Truth in Sale Inspections – not all inspectors can perform them. 

Keep in mind that a city inspection does not meet the standards of My First Home MN and should never be considered a Private Inspection.

Seller Private Inspections

Seller Private Inspections are third party inspections that allow the seller to get the home into its best possible condition according to a third party inspector. The inspector will not and does not represent the buyer, so it is in the buyers best interest to have their own inspection completed. However, homes that are inspected by the seller will typically have less issue and can sell for more money.

If the sellers Private Inspector notices that the furnace may need to be serviced; the seller may service the furnace. The buyer than would not have to do that. Furthermore, if the sellers Private Inspector notices the landscaping is sloping negatively toward the home, they may go ahead and fix the issue before the buyer has their own inspection done.

There is NO requirement in MN for a seller to have their own private home inspector.

A Buyers Home Inspection

A buyer home inspection is a critical piece of the puzzle when purchasing a home. In MN the buyer has the legal right to have the home inspected by a third party that isn’t attached to the outcome of the transaction. That is, they are not emotionally attached, they have no financial commitment in the home. They simply give the buyer the facts and findings if the inspection.

A buyers home inspection is visual. A good inspector will poke their head into the attic cavity, they will climb the roof, they will peak down chimneys, etc; but the inspection will be only visual, they will not intrude on the property.

Living in MN there are a few items that arise on most buyer’s home inspections:

  • Grading around the home slopes towards the foundation
  • Window seepage around the windows due to improper care
  • Furnace / Air haven’t been serviced recently
  • Chimney Mortar may need some repair to prevent water seepage
  • GFCI Outlets need to be operable near the water sources

There are many other items that will arise on an inspection report. These tend to be common in most homes in MN and shouldn’t be considered deal breakers.

Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers are items that you as the buyer are unwilling to live with unless the seller is willing to make some accommodations to the purchase agreement. If there are Deal Breakers found during the inspection period, the buyer has a few choices:

Walk away from the transaction and receive their earnest money back

  • Begin to negotiate terms regarding the Deal Breakers
  • Do nothing

At, if there are Deal Breakers found, doing nothing doesn’t work. As a buyer you have been given the right to inspect, and the right to leave if you’ve found something unreasonable.