Mortgage Information

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Obtaining a mortgage can be a very daunting process.  Below are a few links that you will find helpful if you are looking to do a little mortgage research.  HOWEVER, the internet should be used as an information resource only.  I DO NOT recommend online shopping for mortgages.  For a list of my preferred lenders, visit the preferred vendors page of this site.

Also, you’ll see the mortgage calculator on nearly every page of this site to help you determine how much of a home you can truly afford.

  • FREE Credit Report

    • Click here – you can receive one free credit report each and every year.  The site will ask if you also want your score, that you would have to pay for.  However, you don’t need your score to have a good idea of what your credit worthiness is.  Please call Travis directly if you would like to review this information with a trusted professional.
  • Mortgage Pre-qualification

    • Click here – If you are beginning your research and are not ready to talk with a lender, don’t worry.  You can fill out the quick form here and within 24 hours you will receive a call or email regarding your qualification status.  Keep in mind that when you’re ready to buy, your lender will require documentation to back this up.
  • Credit Repair

    • Click here – there are easy and inexpensive ways to improve your credit worthiness.  You can do some research on your own here or you can contact Travis directly for a one on one overview of your financial hardships.

For more information regarding mortgages, call Travis or visit the preferred vendors page.