MN Home Selling Plan

Are you in the market to list your home or to sell your home?  If you are looking for a home selling plan specific to MN; then you are in the right location.  Travis Anderson has developed his selling plan based on two main faucets: NAR statistics, and personal experience since 2003.  One key aspect to understand is that this plan is NOT set in stone. 

Each and every home Travis analyzes independently and reviews its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).  Another piece to take note: a realtor’s marketing plan is a piece of that realtor, not the company.  Two similar production realtors for the same company will often have two very different plans.  For more information on selling a home in MN, call Travis directly at 651-485-6383.

1. Pricing Strategy: nothing is more important to marketing than is the asking price.  Would you pay more for a gallon of milk at one grocery store over another because it was advertised in print?  NO absolutely not.  As a consumer you have set expectations for the price of milk; and that is the exact process that real estate consumers go through.

2. Web Strategy: Selling a home in MN means marketing that home on the proper websites.  With Travis Anderson’s selling plan your home is not only marketed on EVERY local site, it is also featured on many nationally branded sites.  Many local companies have removed their listings from national websites such as  That is a disservice for your home being that is the second most searched real estate website in the world.

3. Professional Pictures and Virtual Tours: statistically, buyers view homes first that have professional high quality pictures.  Therefore, one of the best ways to feature a home for sale in MN is to offer professional pictures.

4. Other Marketing: Your home is featured on craig’s list, facebook, youtube, and more websites that are socially recognized and not simply recognized for home searching.  Also, some print media is considered depending on the location, as well as open houses, email strategies, and more.

If you would like a pre listing booklet, contact Travis and ask for further information.  If you would like a FREE market evaluation of your home, click here and request one today.  If you have any other questions regarding selling a home in MN, give Travis a call directly at 651-485-6383.