Seller Resources

Selling Plan

  • Click hereFor information regarding your marketing plan and the best ways to get your home sold for top dollar … [Read More]

Communication Agreement

  • Click here – Travis has outlined in writing the best ways to communicate with him throughout the buying and selling… [Read More]

Certified Negotiation Expert

  • Click here – Travis is a certified negotiation expert.  The CNE certification is further training on the art of negotiation through… [Read More]

Market Condition

  • Click here – What are the determining factors in the real estate market?  What are today’s buyers and sellers doing?… [Read More]

Short Sales and how to avoid foreclosure

  • Click here – Get the answers regarding Foreclosures and Short sales and avoid making a mistake based on media hype… [Read more]

Real Estate Myths

  • Click here – Don’t believe everything you hear and read, instead, work from it and learn from it… [Read More]

Where does a commission go

  • Click here – a 6 or 7% commission is an awful lot of money, find out where that money goes for Travis and better understand …[Read More]

More Information

  • Click here – Printable forms, purchase agreements forms, inspection information, warranty info, and more, more, more… [Read More]