West St Paul voted : “let’s get a sports dome”

The city of West St Paul did in fact vote on the sports dome that will cost about $375,000 over 20 years, according to the lillie news.  You can find more information about the cost, the politics, and what not; here are a few links:

Lillie News

Star Tribune

City of West St Paul

How will this dome benefit West St Paul Real Estate?

For residents of West St Paul, the politics often comes down to a matter of “what’s in it for me?”  I mean, if you live, work, and play in the area but have no need for another sporting complex, you might think that.  It’s sort of like the Vikings stadium argument and what are the benefits going to be for the rest of the us.

Construction in and of itself is good:

The fact that a city like West St Paul has found in it the ability to expand and grow during these times is a GREAT thing.  The cost to build today and in the near future is much less than it was just a few years ago.  I’m not certain of job creation, but people at work is a great thing too.

Home values:

Home values are mostly determined by supply and demand.  When the home supply rises, the demand then decreases and of course then prices decline.  Similarly, when interest rates decrease, demand increases, and prices rise.  So, will the new sports dome bring more people to the area?  I think it will and I think it will be a great thing for West St Paul Homes.

The future of prices for West St Paul homes, and all of the Twin Cities for that matter, are dependent on Minnesotans making a valiant effort to make our lives and our lively hood better for the future.  And that is the goal of the sports dome.

For more information, call Travis Anderson at 651-485-6383.