Where does a commission go?

A breakdown of commission dollars:

Since a seller and the seller’s realtor negotiate the real estate commissions, I find it important to disclose the break up of fees.  For Travis Anderson, real estate is his career, not a hobby.  Like any business, there are expenses that a realtor must cover.  For example; were you aware that every marketing dollar spent to get your home sold came directly out of your realtor’s pocket?  Roughly $.17 of every commission dollar is spent on getting listings sold and sellers nearer their goals.

$.45 of every dollar goes directly to the buyers real estate company.  We are a cooperating industry and Travis, like most realtors, has the ability to work with both buyers and sellers.  This graph doesn’t show the expenses that a buyers realtor might assume as well.

30% of a realtors Gross Commission is typically spent to their company, if a national brand, and that accounts for $.17 of every dollar.  Finally, the realtor has other miscellaneous expenses including retirement accounts, insurances, and license requirements.  At the end of the day, about $.11 of every dollar spent goes to your realtor.

For more information on commission dollars and if you have any questions above and beyond that, contact Travis directly at 651-485-6383.